Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pet of the Week, Faelen!

Faelen and ARF dog Izzy hanging out!
The handsome Faelen is Pet of the Week again. We would really love to see this guy find his forever home. It’s been a while since he was featured, so let me tell you what’s new!

Faelen graduated Basic Obedience class at Dogma Training & Pet Services with flying colours and is currently taking their Resolving Reactivity class for reactive dogs (and is doing well!). He’s a smart guy with tons of talent! He knows sit, down, shake, wave, sit pretty, leave it, has excellent focus and is learning how to spin. He learns really quickly and it took him about an hour to master sit pretty. If he’s not quite sure what you’re asking him to do, he will default back to shake a paw until it’s clear what you want from him, then it’s smooth sailing!

Faelen also has a favourite toy… his foster home has 3 of the same stuffed squeaky toys that are different colours; Faelens favourite is the yellow one! If his foster mom accidentally puts it in the x-pen for one of the other dogs, he will run in and take it out before anyone else can touch it! He is also a bit of a toy hog. Sometimes he’ll gather all the toys and if someone takes one, he’ll run up to them and steal it back and put it right back in the pile.

Faelen also gets into the wrestling kind of mood and he’s extremely vocal when he plays. The majority of the time he is pretty calm and likes to laze around the house, but every once in a while he’ll get super excited about something and pounce on and wrestle with his foster brother Barney. He also likes to chase his foster brothers around the house in a mad dash!

He is also super cuddly, just like a big teddy bear! He doesn’t jump up or bark or run around when you get home from work, he will just come up to you with his ears back and squinty eyes waiting for some love and attention. He also likes to sit as close as possible to you on the couch, even if there’s only half a foot of room left, you better believe he’s going to squish in there. If he gets too hot, he’ll hang out on his doggy bed.

Faelen isn’t quite crate trained, when he was first brought into foster care, he did not like it one bit. Now he eats his dinner in his crate and if he wants some quite time, he will go in and relax, so he’s making great progress there! Because he can jump a 6ft fence with no problems, his foster home puts him on a tie-out in the back yard when they take him outside, but most of the time he just lounges on the deck, soaking up the sun and watching his foster brothers play.

Faelen absolutely HATES getting dirty! He will walk around mud puddles in parking lots and on sidewalks and he’s not a fan of going outside in the rain. When his foster brothers play in the mud, he will stay as far away from them as possible so he doesn’t get dirty. He also loves to be groomed. He would enjoy being brushed all day long! It must feel super good!

Faelen chilling with resident dog Charlie!
Faelen also loves all people, so meeting strangers is never a problem; he is an excellent leash walker, and his only real issue is other dogs. If he’s introduced to a new dog properly he’s usually ok with them, but he typically doesn’t care for boisterous, young dogs. He would do well in a home that had a calm, quiet dog that gave him his “space”. Faelen can be quite intimidating to people because he’s such a confident dog and a little bit hard to read, but once you spend time with him, earn his trust and create a bond, he is the most amazing dog!

Faelen needs to go to a home with no kids under 12 and no small animals (including dogs and cats) and his ideal home would have some dog experience.

With that being said, I will leave you with a qote from his foster mom. “It’s pretty hard to put into words just how awesome of a dog he really is, but he’s the coolest ever, and he really deserves a home that sees how brilliant he is”.

If you would like more information on Faelen check out ARF's website or come visit him at PetSmart!

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