Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pet of the Week, Kaiah

Well, this is Kaiah. She is about 10/11 months old and a total (itty-bitty) sweet heart!

When she first came to her foster home she was very scared and cautious; she wouldn't walk in from of her foster parents for about 3 or 4 days. Within the first week though, she was acting like a crazy puppy and was/is super happy about everything!

Kaiah is a very playful young dog, she'll even entertain her self, but be careful because she has a tendency to think everything is a toy, even the couch cushion. She loves to play tug-of-war with the other dogs in her house, she loves to be chased by other dogs and she also loves to run with the dogs who are playing fetch. She doesn't fetch yet, but that doesn't stop her from running like she does!

She is getting better with training, but she does need to focus a bit more. Kaiah is a very smart dog, just young and distractable! She has mastered shake-a-paw and I bet you it's the best hand shake you'll ever get! Kaiah also loves belly rubs. Loves them! She enjoys going to doggy daycare, is great in the car, tries her hardest to snuggle and sleep in the big bed, but will go to her crate when she's told. She doesn't fuss at all in her crate and will sleep all night in there.

Kaiah can be a little bit wary of new people, but it doesn't usually take her very long to warm up and ask for those belly rubs she likes so much! She hasn't been around many children, but would likely be OK with older kids who understand she's a little bit shy at first. She also jumps a little when she's over-excited, but her foster home is working on that with her and she should learn good manners pretty quickly.

At first Kaiah wouldn't even walk on a leash, but now she's gaining confidence and is doing much better. She would definitely benefit from the basic obedience classes ARF offers with a dog adoption. It will help boost her confidence even more and help her bond with her new family!

If you think Kaiah is the perfect pooch for you, fill out an application! She such a sweet wonderful pup!

Oh, and she also wanted me to tell you that tripe is her favourite treat/food!

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