Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pet of the Week, Mikayla!

Meet Mikayla!

She is a sweet young pup looking for the right home. She can be a little bit shy; it took her a few days to get comfortable in her new foster home. She is nervous around too much commotion and would likely do better in a quieter home. Perhaps a home with no young children. Though, she is fine around kids; she even went with her foster dad to visit a class room of grade 6 students and did really well. She laid beside them waiting for attention, but if they got too rambunctious, she'd retreat under a desk until they calmed down.

Mikayla is a very relaxed, calm pup who loves getting attention, she enjoys going for walks and jogs and is definitely not concerned with the noises and commotion outside when on a walk. She enjoys playing chase with the other dogs in her house and loves to run around the yard with a toy in her mouth. Again, while she's fine with other dogs, really rambunctious ones will intimidate her, and it does take her a little bit of time to get comfortable with new dogs. She really does love to play, but she just seems to be overly cautious and needs the time to get used to them before she plays.

Mikayla is a very smart puppy who is quick to pick up new tricks. She knows shake-a-paw, sit, down and is doing very well with come and stay. She's never had an accident in the house and is eager to please.

Mikayla is currently taking some puppy classes and is a little bit nervous, but her foster home says they can see her confidence level building with each session.

Mikayla is looking for a quieter home with someone who has the time and patience needed to let blossom into a wonderful adult dog. She is a great little pup with a lot of potential, so all she needs is someone to gently show her the way!

If you are the one Mikayla is looking for, don't hesitate, fill out an application today!

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