Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pets of the Week – Ollie and Riggs!

Riggs on left, Oliver on right.
Meet brothers – Oliver (Ollie) & Riggs. These young, handsome brothers are loving, affectionate, with a strong connection to humans. They both love chasing anything with a string, cuddling, napping and playing with each other.

Ollie is a "giver" and he can be found massaging his brother and sometimes even to his foster parents on occasion. Riggs on the other hand is more of a “receiver” – he won’t argue with a gentle massage from Ollie and if that isn’t going to happen he might stretch out, lay on his back with his legs in the air and have a quick snooze.

Riggs and Oliver are both very loving, sweet boys who want to remain together forever. They're still young cats and have the crazy 'kitten moments’ of pure play and bliss. They're great with other cats but a little intimidated by the current resident dog they live with.

This dynamic duo are gentle enough to be with children and would be a wonderful addition to a family. If you are able to have more than one cat and can give these bonded brothers a chance to stay together then please fill out an application today.

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