Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pet of the Week, Kynjyn

Say hello to Kynjyn – a 4-month-old sweetheart! Kynjyn loves every human and dog that he meets. When he really takes to someone he will perform his full bum wag, not just a tail wag but a full back end wag – now that’s a happy dog!

Kynjyn is nearly house trained. His foster mom would say he’s 95 percent there. He is also crate trained and will sleep through the night without a problem. If he feels the need for a nap during the day – he will go in on his own and snooze on his own.

This cutie pie has also figured out the commands of sit and shake-a-paw. He is learning to heel on leash and has great recall when he is off-leash. Being a very food motivated puppy – he’s sure to learn many more commands and tricks quickly.

Kynjyn has qualities seen in some hockey players! He loves his two bouncy balls and when he has exhausted all attempts to carry both balls in his mouth, he will carry one in his mouth and will play foot hockey with the other one. What a talent!

Kynjyn hasn’t met any cats yet but his foster family believes he would be pretty okay with them. Kynjyn and other dogs are very okay. He hasn’t met another canine big or small that he hasn’t adored. When it comes to kids, the only children that Kynjyn has met are the kids that have come to Petsmart to checkout the ARF dogs on the weekend. He has always behaved when kids have been present in these circumstances.

After a long day of running around, catching and playing foot hockey with his most favourite bouncy balls – Kynjyn is very keen on snuggling with you on the couch and maybe snatching a couple of belly rubs from you.

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