Monday, August 24, 2009

Karma Update ~ Rocking PetSmart

In the last week, Karma has come a long way. She is starting to pay more attention to her name and coming on her own when called (in the house). She also follows us everywhere! When she first came to my house she was pretty aloof to people in general. One of those "I can take you or leave you attitudes", so it's pretty nice to see.
We went for a jaunt around Carburn park the other day and let me tell you, when we get the excitement under control, she'll be a dream to have outside. She is very curious and wants to meet everyone and everything. She also LOVES playing in the river.

That is a picture of Karma, my mom and my dog sitting under a GIANT Ash tree. As you can see from the photo, there must have been something way more important on the path way. Her attention span for photographs is lacking!
Every Saturday ARF sets up a booth at the PetSmart by Chinook mall, so I thought I'd bring her in to see how she was with crowds. She was stellar! Of course, I had a bag full of treats, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do! It wasn't a spectacularly busy day, but that was good for her. She'd goof around and roll on her back when people came to pet her...I'm sure she figured out if she acted goofy someone would give her a belly rub! She approached strangers looking for attention and was even curious about a puppy we had with us. She responded well to treats and me asking her for simple obedience behaviours when she got a little to carried away and was generally able to calm down pretty quickly. All in all, I think this girl just needs some focus and she'll be a great addition to any family!


  1. Hi Julie, we met you at Petsmart a couple weeks ago and then Karma at Petsmart on saturday. You were right, she is a great dog, we were very impressed! I think she would make a great running and hiking partner for me and my husband as well as a great addition to our home! We'll be contacting ARF to see if we can get a day visit with her. Take care!

  2. Erin! I hope you see this. I've tracked down your screening info and will be calling you, hopefully tonight! I was out of town for the week end so was very excited to hear you came to see her! She really is a great dog, with tons of potential and will make and excellent hiking companion.
    Talk soon!

  3. Hi Julie, that is great! Look forward to chatting with you.