Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love Lucy!

So will you. She's so sweet and quiet. No doubt never been in a house before, she walks around tentatively still, but I'll give her a break. We got her Friday night. It was a rough couple of days for her, being rescued on Thursday, spayed on Friday and in a new home by supper time. She's been kinda under the weather due to the anesthetic, but we are starting to get little tail wags when we come into the room and she LOVES being pet. If you are sitting by her and stop, she'll inch forward just a bit to remind you that you stopped. She's around two years old and about 35lbs. She's just an itty bitty little thing. I'm sure she'll do good in any type of home and she seems to like kids too!

Hopefully I will have more exciting news in the next couple of days. We've got some leash training to do and some name recognition to work on, but most of all, she needs to know that us 'two leggers' are really great people! I don't think it will be hard though!

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