Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucy was Adopted September 25, 2009!

And she likes to play with toys,

with other dogs,

and most of all, she loves belly rubs!

Turns out Lucy has quite the personality. She's still shy and sort of submissive, but in the sweetest possible way. All she wants is some one to pet her most of the time and when you walk near her she will lower her head and look up at you with those eyes, tiny little tail going a mile a minute....who's not going to pet a dog who does that! Maybe she's not submissive at all, but really has us figured out!

She still has a bit of puppy in her when she gets really excited and will try to chew on things, but so far, all I've had to do is take the item away or just give her a gentle "no". She also likes to howl when she's excited. It kind of sounds like a wind up Ewok. Very.Cute.

She does like to play, but I think she's still learning how and will sometimes second guess herself when trying to entice someone to play with her. She's not 100% certain of what to do with toys, but she tries and she has fun doing it. I guess that's all that matters!

Oh, and her ears are HUGE!


  1. curious, is she good with cats? i want to adopt a dog but she has to be good with cats. i have one cat that doesn't mind dogs at all. i'd like to adopt a older female dog who is housebroken, is crate trained, and doesn't mind other dogs as i plan on visiting my family who all have dogs:) and cats:)

  2. Lucy has adoption pending as of last night. We do however have a few other adult dogs that we just got in. All of them are good with other dogs as far as I know, all are house broken and most are or will be crate trained. Check out Maisy (was actually an owner return if you can believe it.)...she might be a good contender, Sadie I do not know much about. Also, they are listed by friday if they are going to be at PetsMart by Chinook on Saturdays. Very good opportunity to check out the dog for your self!