Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update and a lot of progress

We've had Cash for about a month and a half now and he never ceases to amaze me. His leg is getting better day by day and we can hardly notice the limp anymore. Occasionally it will show it's self, but not nearly as bad as it was. He's also becoming more and more out going every day! He's a lot more vocal then he previously was and is showing that he really does like affection. He will jump up on the couch or bed and lay on top of us for some attention. He LOVES to play too! He will run around the back yard with his toy or entice us or his foster sister to chase him. Being chased is his favorite thing! He's always the first dog in the house when we come indoors and is politely waiting for a treat. Sit is his new "default" behaviour and when he is waiting his turn for something, you don't even have to ask anymore. He's getting the hang of the day to day routine around here and knows when it's outside time, food time, bed time and play time. He's especially eager when it's feeding time!
I was really worried about Halloween and did not know how he was going to react to all the commotion. Again, he amazed us! He sat beside me at the door while we were waiting for kids and he was always right there to check them out (or their goodie bags) not showing an ounce of fear. Only if someone put their hand out to pet him, he'd lean back ever so slightly, but otherwise was pretty rock solid with the kids. All the squeals of excitement did not phase him one bit!
Cash's foster sister is dog-reactive and sometimes she can't control herself when he gets a little rambunctious and he takes her in stride like the best of them. I think he'd do well in a home with other dogs of any demeanor.
We are still working on him having his collar handled and trying to get a leash on him as these two things still seem to frighten him, but this will come in time as trust grows. He's a great dog with tons of personality and lots of smarts.

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