Monday, November 30, 2009

He's walking on a leash ladies and gentlemen!

This guy is awesome!

So, we're going on two months that we've had Cash and let me tell you, it's been a trip! He's come along way, but still has some work cut out for him. He knows "sit", "down", hand targeting and we're working on "shake a paw". The best part though, the other day, he walked with me on a leash! I've been working really hard with him the last little while trying to get him comfortable with the whole "leash thing" and it's been interesting. Usually food motivated dogs are REALLY motivated by super yummy bits of meat or cheese, so that's what I was using. We had a little progress, but the other night, I just happened to have a milk bone in my pocket, so that's what I used. Next thing I know he's walking along side me, on leash, looking for that milk bone. You see, usually milk bones or other dry, bland treats really aren't that rewarding or high value and if you're working on a difficult task (for the dog), the higher the value the food (to them) the better. I guess I had his values mixed up... go figure!

Did you say you had a milkbone?

So anyway, we're going to continue working on the leash walking and hopefully I'll have him at a PetsMart showing sooner rather than later!
He's getting super comfortable here, running, playing, chewing everything, he loves chewing! He's letting his inner puppy out and it's so nice to see. Wait... did I just say it was nice to see him chewing on everything? Well, I guess I am. I mean, when he first came here he was so fearful, to see these typical young dog behaviours is really nice for a change. Don't worry, he's learning what's appropriate chewing material. Like I said before, he's pretty darned smart! But for reference, stuffed animals with 'squeakers' in them don't last very long at all! That squeaker must come out!
He has also turned into a high energy dog who would likely love to have a 'brother' or 'sister' to romp around with. I bet he could spend hours running, playing! Maybe even casual sports would be fun for him.
Even though he's had all these positive changes and a pretty big breakthrough, he still has his moments. He's still kinda leery of hands reaching out to him and quick movements towards him. He is doing much better, but these issues still remain, they also seem to be worse outside compared to inside. Likely because I've been doing most of the work with him indoors. Dogs don't generalize very well. But he's definitely lost his '3 foot rule' that's for sure. I figure with a little more super hard work on my part, he'll be in excellent shape in no time!

Adopt me please?

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