Friday, January 8, 2010

Cash update. Sorry, no pictures.

Since it's been a while I thought I would just write something quick. Hopefully with the nice weather this week-end, we'll get out and take some interesting photos of Cash to add.
Anyway, we're still working on walking on a leash (we had a rough week a few weeks ago and have since taken a few steps backwards). I've got some new tricks up my sleeve and will test them out on Saturday and see if we can't get him off the property.
Cash has made some great strides in the trust department though. It's hard sometimes to realize the progress he's made when he lives in our house with us, but when I look back to October I realize he is a completely different dog now. When we come home he's more than happy to see us, jumping up in a shy awkward manner, tail wagging the whole time. When we talk to him in our "happy" voices his ears fold back and that tail goes a mile a minute, he even does a little dance. It's very cute. He enjoys playing with us now and he even tries to entice us to play with him by walking up to us, toy in mouth, pushing it into our lap repeatedly.
He does incredibly well when strangers come over to visit. This was one thing I was really quite worried about since he's obviously got trust issues. But he's the first to investigate new people and say hello, he does not bark when the doorbell rings or when someone knocks on the door. He goes to check the sound out, but that's it. It's really nice to be able to greet guests with one less dog barking.
One new development too, Cash likes to go to his bed when we give him a treat. I don't know where/how this started, but in the last couple of weeks he's done it every time we give him something to chew on. I'm now putting it on cue so that he knows a command to go with the behaviour. I honestly think he was watching his foster sister (who always goes to our bed with a treat) and picked it up from her. He's a pretty clever fellow.
Anyway, that's it for now. Hopefully we'll have some good stories and more photos by the end of the week-end!

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