Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pet of the Week!

Hello, My name is Blackie (formerly known as Omar) and I am proud to announce that I am ARF’s first “Pet of the Week!” Exciting isn’t it?!

 This is me when I was just a puppy!

I was told that I should give you all a little bit of background on me, so here goes!

This was me a few months ago!

I am about 6 months old and I have been with ARF since May. They rescued me with some of my siblings, but they've all been adopted. I am really smart, learning sit, down and shake a paw really fast and I was also told that I am the world champion at loose leash walking! I guess that is a pretty big thing since dogs my age tend to be a little bit rambunctious. I also love to play with other puppies and I am very polite. I have great doggie manners! I am in a home with 5 other dogs and I know to wait my turn when it’s feeding time and I also take treats very gently. I am also very sweet and I love to cuddle and have my belly rubbed!

My foster home says that I am an agile, high-energy dog and they think I would excel at agility training…. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds fun! I am also pretty good at my recall. I still need a little bit of work in new environments. I guess they call that “proofing”. When I’m in new places or there are new dogs around, I forget sometimes because I’m really excited. Who can blame me though… I’m still just a puppy! I guess I will need a little work with socialization and new environments so that I don’t get overly excited, but that’s ok. I’m ready and willing to work on this with my forever home! Plus, ARF told me that they offer 6 weeks of obedience training with an adoption and that it would give me and my new home and excellent opportunity to bond and learn, so I think that would be super! If you’re interested in learning more about me (because I’m really awesome!), watch ARF’s website to see when I will be at PetsMart or just bite the bullet and fill out one of their adoption forms! You won’t be disappointed!
Lots of kisses,

 This was me just a few weeks ago!

 Photos By, Theresa Swain

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