Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pet of the Week, Rain

Hello, my name is Rain and I am ARF's Pet of the Week.

I am a very sweet girl looking for my forever home, but it's very important that you know a few things about me!

I am about 3 years old and my favorite thing to do is accompany my foster mom on walks around the neighbourhood. I walk really well on the leash... well, except when I see rabbits or squirrels. Then, I can barely contain myself! I want to chase them so bad - but, I'm not allowed too. I know that. They are just so tempting though! I used to be quite skittish, but with every walk I am getting more and more comfortable with everything going on around me. People often comment on how gorgeous I am, but new people scare me. There are a few things that strangers can do to help me be more comfortable with them though. You can hold out treats, crouch down to my level and look away, opposed to leaning over me and looking me directly in the eyes. I also prefer to be scratched under the chin instead of patted on the head. Don't be worried too much though, if I meet you the right way, I will be your best friend in minutes, kisses and all!

Right now, I live in a calm, quiet home and as a result, I am a calm, quiet girl. I am also very well behaved! I sleep in my crate all night and I am fully house trained. I also give my humans their space while they are eating at the table. Although, I do like to be 'underfoot' when my foster mom is in the kitchen (you never know when something tasty might get dropped) but if she tells me 'out', I listen. My favorite spot in the house is the couch. If I can curl up on the couch while you are working, watching TV, cooking or doing your chores, I'm as happy as a clam! I am also always up for some cuddling and belly rubs!

Don't let all this good behaviour fool you though, I'm not lazy! I am an active girl with lots of energy. Someone who will be active with me would be perfect! I'd be a good companion for someone who walks, runs or hikes. You name it, I'm sure I'll love it! My foster mom says I'd also be a good companion for someone who is interested in agility. Apparently, I can jump like a deer! I'm really smart too! I listen and follow instructions very well and I can sit, lie down, shake-a-paw, high-five, catch treats mid-air and all that fun stuff! I am very food and handler oriented, and I love to please! These qualities would make me an excellent agility or rally-o prospect!

More recently, I have been going to doggy daycare twice a week to help me with my insecurities. I have a couple of best buddies there and I have so much fun playing with them! The staff keeps me out of the larger playgroups though, because I have a tendency to get overwhelmed if there is too much going on around me.

While I am good with my playmates at daycare and other dogs in a neutral setting, I can become possessive in a home with other animals, so ARF thinks it would be best if I went to a home as an only pet. I would also like to go to a home without children, I am too nervous and I get startled quite easily by loud noises, fast movements and unpredictable surroundings. I think I would do best with a confident handler who knows how to deal positively with my fears and nervousness. ARF also said they are committed to continuing their work with me even after I get adopted because they know how special I am!

Are you that special person? If you think you have what it takes to help me become more confident and trusting, I would like to meet you! Why don't you fill out an application today?

Hope to see you soon,


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