Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pet of the Week, Huebert

My name is Huebert and I am named after my foster dad’s granddad. I feel like that is a lot of responsibility! Maybe that is why I am a little shy? Nah, it took me a week, but I think I got the humans all figured out – they think I’m cute and soft so they like to hold me and play with my feet.  They think it’s cool that I have an extra toe on all my feet, which is odd because THEY all have five fingers and toes. I’ll take it though, it gets me cuddles. Oh – and if I purr… they never put me down!
When the humans aren’t around I really like to follow their kitten around the house. He teaches me things, like where all the good toys are, the warmest spots to nap and, my favourite, the squeaky mouse that hangs off the door! I can never get enough of that!
My siblings and I were all rescued from southern Alberta just before it got cold, and boy are we thankful! It is much warmer in the houses here, than it was there. Both my sisters got adopted (I am not sure why, I am much cuter) so it’s just my brother and I left to find our forever homes.
Oh, I was at Petsmart this past Saturday with the dogs! They were pretty big, and kept barking but I wasn’t scared, not one bit! One even licked my face! It was wet and a little smelly, but I didn’t get upset or anything – I think sloppy doggy kisses are something I could get used to.

If you're interested in meeting me, please fill out an adoption application today!

Hugs, Huebert!

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