Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pet of the Week, Cricket!

Hello everyone, my name is Cricket!

I am about 8 months old and all puppy! I'm a pretty big girl, but my foster mom says I'm all heart! She also says that I'm a 'people pleaser'. I hope that's good!

I am learning all kinds of things in my foster home. I know my name, how to sit, lie down, shake a paw and even leave it. That's a pretty big one for puppies, but I think I've got it nailed! I'm also excellent in my crate. I sleep in it all night without a peep and I nap the day away in it when my foster parents are at work. I am also learning that if I want something, I have to sit and wait politely for it. I've been told that because I'm so big, it is very important that I have manners, I don't want to knock anyone over you know!

I love Kongs! Do you know what those are? They are toys that humans put treats in for me to get out. They are one of my favorites and when my foster mom stuffs one with a milk bone, I am busy for hours! Hmm... What else do I like? Well, I love to cuddle. I would easily spend the day on the couch or in bed with someone if they let me. I really like to be with people and get attention. It's so nice! I also like to watch T.V. and sometimes when there are interesting things or sounds on it, I cock my head from side to side trying to figure it out. My foster mom says it's really cute! I also love playing with my foster sister and going to daycare. I really like meeting the new dogs and finding new playmates. I just have to be introduced to them properly. Sometimes when I'm in a really high stress environment (like PetSmart) I get kind of growly with new dogs. I think that's because there is so much going on and I'm over stimulated, because I do just fine at daycare! Did I mention that I love to play! Sometimes when I'm tired, but I still want to play, my foster mom says I will fall a sleep sitting up. I don't believe her though... how do you fall a sleep sitting up?

My foster mom also says I do a whole bunch of really cute things like, sometimes when I'm sleeping, and I'm very comfortable, I moan a little bit. I also like to eat laying on the floor with my food dish between my front paws. Hey, who can blame me? I'm very tall! It's way easier that way!

I think that's about it though. I'm a pretty nice pup, I just need someone who is willing to train me a little and add a loving companion to their home! Do you think that's you? I think so. Why don't you fill out an application for me today and we can meet!

Hope to talk to you soon!


  1. Cricket is soooo sweet! we had the opportunity to meet her today! Whomever gets to give Cricket her Forever home is very lucky!

  2. Thanks Allie! She's a really nice girl and I hope she finds the perfect home!