Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pet of the Week, Faelen

Well, this is Faelen and he is one magnificent dog! He was rescued November 23rd, 2010 with some of the 30 Below pups and he's about a year and a half old. He was found running stray along the side of the highway. No doubt, not the greatest place to be hanging out. He was with another adult dog, they were both quite malnourished and their chances for surviving the winter were slim, so ARF took them in.

When Faelen got to his foster home, his coat was dull, matted and full of burrs. He was in terrible shape. After hours of grooming and some time on a good diet his coat has turned into quite a specimen! Now he's a striking brindle with a coat so silky and soft, you just can't help snuggling in to it. Which is just fine by him, as he loves attention from his humans.

Faelen likes to be treated like the king that he thinks he is. He loves to get pets, be snuggled and get all kinds of attention, he will even sit for hours for grooming. He also loves playing with squeaky balls. He will lay with it or talk to you with it in his mouth too. Yes, Faelen likes to talk! When he's excited or happy he will give you low little growls to let you know he's happy about something. His foster mom thinks it's quite unique... which suits him perfectly! He also loves men, he's a real "man's dog". He will also be totally devoted to someone he trusts and respects, he seems like a very loyal dog, right down to the bone.

Faelen is an incredibly athletic dog who would likely do extremely well in a home that loves outdoor activities. Things like hiking and snowshoeing are right up his alley; he thoroughly enjoys being outside. He is also quite intelligent. He's mastered sit, down, shake a paw and wave, he's very polite and does not jump up and he's also quite well behaved when left alone in the house. No getting into trouble for this cool guy. Unfortunately, because of his intelligence and athletic ability, Faelen can clear a 6 foot fence with no problems, so he should definitely not be left unattended outside, even for bathroom breaks. His foster home figures that once he's accustomed and settled into his forever home, this behaviour will likely stop. He was a stray for quite a while, so it's understandable that it might take some time for him to forget his free spirits. Fortunately, he is great on leash so a couple of leashed walks per day should suite his needs just fine. Below is a short little video of him playing in a fresh snowbank.

Faelen is a bit of a lone wolf, so to speak. He's not too interested in other dogs, although he lives in a house with many foster brothers and sisters and he will sit by and watch their antics, he doesn't like it when they don't respect his space. He will even play, but it has to be on his terms and when he's done, he's done. His ideal home would likely be a home without other dogs or young children, but he would be ok in a home with another dog who respected his wishes and did not pester him. Faelen's forever home should be experienced with dogs and be willing to work with him to continue the socialization process.

If you think you're the perfect home for this handsome fellow, please fill out an application for him, he can't wait to meet you!

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