Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pet of the Week, Mike!

Hey there, I'm Mike! I was rescued quite a while ago with my siblings and I'm the last one left. I don't know why though; I'm a great guy. I'm about 6 months old and super awesome! I know my name and am very responsive to it, I am house trained and I will go to bed in my crate when my foster mom taps the top of it. No fuss here!

I like to follow my foster mom around the house (I even learned how to jump the baby gate, just to follow her) and I am very affectionate. I love to cuddle so much, that when I'm sitting next to you, I have to be touching you! I'm an overgrown lap dog!

I'm a pretty mellow dude too. I am calm in the house and I am very good at meeting new dogs an puppies. I don't get overly excited and I am very polite. I am also quite passive with other dogs. If they want the toy I am playing with, I usually let them have it. I'm just that laid back and relaxed! Even though I'm very well behaved, I like to romp around at the dog park. That's a lot of fun! I also like to play with squeaky toys. Those are super cool! Yup, mellow and playful – that's me!

My foster mom has taught me my name, how to sit and lay down so far. I'm pretty smart, so I should pick up most other things pretty quickly. But for now, I'd mostly like to find my forever home. They are taking a while to find me, but when they do I know it will be great! Do you think you could be my forever home? You should fill out an application for me, so we can get to know each other!

Hugs & cuddles, Mikey!

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