Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pet of the Week, Finnigan!

Meet Finnigan!

Finnigan is 100% love & cuddles and he's looking for a human cuddlebug to grow old with. He lives with two big ARF dogs and 3 other cats and gets along just fine. He isn't bothered by the dogs at all. He's super confident and settled quickly into his new home, so his adjustment to his forever home should be pretty seamless. Finnigan is nearly always purring and following his human friends around. He LOVES human companionship, possibly more than cat companionship so he'd do well as an only cat, or as a second or third cat. He's Mr. Personality and sure to make someone very, very happy and to make someone feel very, very loved. He likes to sleep in bed with you, sometimes right up on your pillow. He's also recently discovered the faucet, so when he gets a chance, he asks his mom to turn it on.

You can also follow Finnigan (or Finn-Finn) on his blog:
Or fill out an application for him today! 

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