Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pet of the Week, Polly!

Meet Miss Polly.

Polly is a sweet girl who thrives on routine and loves to snuggle. She's also pretty good at entertaining her self if need be, she will throw toys in the air and then chase them. She also likes to play fetch. She does like to rough house with other dogs and play hard, but she needs to be introduced to them properly. Polly gets nervous when she meets new dogs, so taking some extra time to socialize her and bring her to training classes will be highly beneficial to her adoptive home.

Polly is house trained and will even ring a bell when she needs to go outside, she loves car rides and is fully crate trained; meaning she will sleep in her crate all night or go in it when you aren't home. She walks ok on leash, but is better with a harness. Again, this is something time and positive reinforcement training will help.

Polly greatly enjoys her evening walk and bird watching out the window.

Polly is incredibly smart and is highly food motivated, she knows sit, down, off and leave it and of course ringing a bell to go out! Because she is bright and easily trained, she has such great potential. Now all she needs is her forever home! Is that you? Fill out an application for her today!

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