Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pet of the Week, Rain!

Yes, we're featuring Rain again! A recycled post helped Maddie get adopted, so maybe it will work with Rain too?

Rain is an incredibly sweet dog who is full of love and life. She loves nothing more in this world than her people.

Rain is about 3 years old and is an excellent companion. She walks well on leash and is gaining confidence every day. At first strange noises and objects would make her nervous, but she is improving greatly. She is also incredibly smart. This combined with her desire to please everyone, makes her a dream to train. She catches on to all sorts of tricks really quickly and would likely excel at a sport like agility. She loves following instructions!

She is also starting to improve with meeting strangers. People still have to understand that she is somewhat fearful of new people and to be slow and quiet. She is still not super comfortable with people reaching out over her head to giver her a pat, but will accept a chest scratch and some treats, no problem. It really doesn't taker her long to warm up to strangers at all and soon enough, she will be offering tricks and rolling over for belly rubs!

Rain really likes to be given rawhide chews, but when someone gives her one, she doesn't chew it. Instead she becomes fixated on finding the best place in the house to hide it. She'll take about 15 minutes and go from room to room, investigating and trying to find the ideal hiding spot. After she's looked in every corner, behind every piece of furniture, under every throw pillow, under every pile of clothes and yes, between the bed sheets she'll finally decide on a spot to 'bury it'. She even goes through all the burying motions even when there's no dirt. Before her foster home figured out she was doing this, they were quite confused a couple times to find rawhide bones in the bed! Watching her go through this process is very cute and funny.

She will also howl like a wolf after she's heard sirens. She'll listen intently while the sirens are going, then once they've stopped, she'll start howling in response. Her foster home said it's been quite funny a few times when they were walking down the street, with her howling away!

She really likes to be given a stuffed Kong or a bone (of course). And, it should be emphasized that once she's comfortable with someone, she is extremely affectionate, and loves to snuggle, give kisses and roll over for belly rubs.

She is very well behaved and clean in the house, although she is a bit of a counter surfer if presented with the opportunity, but who wouldn't! Her forever home will just have to remember to put things away properly, but any dog will counter surf if given the opportunity!

This sweet dog (and she really is) needs to go to a home that is able to deal with her anxieties and insecurities. She does have separation anxiety, but there are lots of things that can be done to help separation anxiety. She does quite well when left in the car, so weather permitting, this is an ok, but not ideal option. There are also a lot of resources like this book that can teach her forever home how to help her with this issue. She also does well at doggie daycare, which is an excellent option, especially while she's settling into her new home. The staff at dogma Training & Pet Services know her well and know to keep her out of larger play groups where she can get overwhelmed. They also know who her best buddies are! Her foster home is working with her on the separation anxiety, but sometimes it can take a while and her forever home should be willing to continue working with her after they've adopted her.

Because she is nervous, she will have to go to a home without children, loud noises and sudden movements spook her. She still gets possessive in her home environment and will have to be an only pet.

In order for her to succeed, we'd like to see her with a confident handler who knows how to positively deal with her nervousness and fears. ARF is committed to working with her adoptive home after she's been adopted because she's such a special dog and I think we've all fallen for her!

If you are interested in Rain, fill out an application today!

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