Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pet of the Week, Patches!

This is Patches. He is about 5/6 months old and is a very bright, playful puppy. He has a ton of energy and loves to play with adult dogs. He's a bit too exuberant for the young pups though. Because of his energy level and exuberance, he likely won't be a good match for a home with cats or very young children, older kids would be just fine.

Patches is one fiery little pup; he has no fear, is super confident and full of adventure. He is also really eager to please and super food motivated. Sometimes he has a hard time dealing with his frustration level, especially when he's really excited and not allowed to do something. But some time and consistent (positive) training will do wonders for this young fellow.

Patches also loves going to the dog park. He thinks it's the greatest thing. He truly loves to run with and chase other dogs and his park time is the highlight of his day! He is very friendly with all he meets and he comes running back full speed when he is called. Actually, it seems that he runs everywhere he goes, so that he can be sure that he does not miss out on anything! Because he is so active, he's not the most cuddly of pups, but he sure makes up for it in personality!

Patches also learns very quickly, moving into a new foster home, he was comfortable and confident in no time. The doggy door and house rules were picked up quickly and most things seem to come very easy for him. Can you say 'Smarty Pants'?! He is also fully house trained and crate trained. He knows sit and lay down and the last time I checked he was working on shake a paw. When he is learning, he gives excellent attention (direct, steady eye contact); like a Jedi, he tries to will those treats right out of your hands and into his mouth!

If you are looking for a fiery young pup to add to your home, Patches is the pooch for you! He has an incredible zest for life and will make a perfect addition to any active home. Fill out an application for him today!

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