Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pet of the Week, Buddy!

Hi, my name is Buddy. I'm a lady's man and a guy’s guy. I’m up for a tussle or chase with the guy cats in the house but I love to curl up with the girl cats when it’s nap time. I get along well with all the cats in the house, although the girls sometimes think I’m a bit too pushy.
You won’t often hear me because I’m a quiet guy. You’ll know I’m around because I’ll lean against your legs to be petted or jump up on your lap for some cuddle time. There’s a great three-level tower here and although I love the top level, I’ve come to realize that it’s safer to take the middle level – the top level is always very popular, and sometimes gets crowded. The good thing is that my foster mom can easily see me on this level when she’s walking by so I score lots of attention.
I’m a bit shy around strangers when they come to the house, but I won’t be too far away in case treats are offered. When a treat is tossed I’ll chase it down or knock it out of the air – none of the cats or kittens can beat me; although they never stop trying. I have very good manners and will sit on command for a treat or dinner.
I would like to have another cat to play with as I think I might be lonely without feline companionship, unless my person liked to play with me.
I arrived at my foster home about 3 years ago when I was just a little kitten but I know that the right person is out there and when they meet me, they will see the potential even if I may be somewhat wary of them at first. I’ve heard that it feels wonderful to have a shy cat in the house and be patient enough to have it come to trust and love you.
If you think you have room in your home for this wonderful feline, please, don't hesitate to fill out an adoption application!

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