Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pet of the Week, Cubby!

This is Cubby, he is about 9 months old and was picked up as a stray. He's not very big right now and I don't think he'll turn out terribly huge, but you never know. He was found wandering in the middle of the road and when the van stopped for him, he came over and got in right away. He was very nervous the first couple of days he was in foster care and he made sure he stayed close to his foster mom. She noticed that he was very excited to have fresh water and regular food, so he was likely on his own for a while.

It's obvious this little guy hasn't had much time spent on him regarding training, but he is very smart and super eager to learn. He picked up sit very quickly and I started working with him on down at PetSmart last Saturday. He also had no problem giving me direct eye contact when waiting for instruction, but he's easily distracted; as would any young dog be in a busy pet store. He also seems to understand the has to do his business outside, he's doing incredibly well with crate training and so far, is staying off the furniture unless he's asked to come up. He also sits nicely while he's waiting for his dinner.

Cubby is very happy, very smart, very confident and full of energy. He's interested in anyone who will give him attention, honestly, the whole 3 hours I was with him, he never stopped wagging his tail for one minute! While Cubby is great with kids, it's probably best he doesn't go to a home with very young children as he's quite boisterous and easily excited and could knock them over, otherwise, he'd make a great companion for any active family!

Cubby's foster mom says he loves playing fetch, but needs some practice as he tends to get over excited after a little while and won't let go of the ball. He also likes to stop every few throws to ask for a belly rub, which has got to be the CUTEST thing I've ever heard! This would also work out to your advantage as you could use the belly rubs as a calming effect to keep him from getting over stimulated while playing!

I am also told that he's very affectionate, loves to snuggle & get belly rubs and is a pretty easy dog to have around, he also loves to just hang out and chew on some bones. His foster mom is taking him to the 'MORE to love' classes at Sit Happens!; these classes are specially designed for foster dogs to make them more adoptable or to learn basic manners etc. This combined with the training classes we offer with an adoption are sure to make Cubby the best family companion ever!

So, if you're in the market for a super smart, active young dog, look no further and fill out an application for Cubby! He's a pretty cool dude!

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