Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pet of the Week, Barney!

I am featuring Barny again. He's about 10 months old now and still hasn't found his forever home. He's a medium sized dog with medium length, lab-type fur and he is a great dog!

Barney bonds incredibly well with other dogs and people, but he does get sad when his foster brothers are not around, so it is a must that he goes to a home with at least one other dog. But I personally think he'd be the best second addition! He truly loves every person and dog to the full extent of his little puppy heart.

Barney responds to his name very well, always looking to you when you call him. He also loves to cuddle and be close to his people. Barney also loves to play! He event gets his stoic foster brother Faelen running laps around the house. It really is the funniest thing, I've seen them in action and could not believe that Barney had Faelen acting like a puppy himself! So, if you have a dog, who maybe needs a little extra exercise, Barney would be perfect to get him/her active! Don't worry though, he's not crazy over-active, he's happy to cuddle or hang out too!

Barney also LOVES water, he'd be a great swimming companion too! Oh yeah, and he always has a smile on his face!

I think that's about all for right now, but I'm very surprised that this little fellow hasn't found his home yet. We know you're out there! If you're interested in Barney, come visit him at the Chinook PetSmart on Saturdays between 1 & 3. He's there every time! Or, just fill out an application for him now!

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