Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pet of the Week, Tabitha!

Here is Tabitha! I've featured her once before, quite a while ago, so here is an update.

She is an adorable, 1 year old blonde with yellow eyes. She is quite petite and very active!

Tabitha is well behaved, uses a scratching post, does not jump on cupboards, loves treats and is a most excellent fly catcher!

She loves her foster brother and would do best in a home where there are other pets or people home with her most of the time. There are no dogs in her current foster home, but she has lived with dogs and she does accept them.

Tabitha does have a problem with her vocal cords though and sometimes a flap sticks and she sounds like she is struggling to breathe. She does know how to get herself back on track though, by rolling on her back and stretching. There is a chance she could develop pneumonia if the condition gets worse, but with a dedicated family with a watchful eye, she should be just fine. She just sounds funny.

Tabitha would make a great addition to any family, all she asks for in return is love.

If you think you'd like to add this dainty feline to your family, fill out an application for her today!

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