Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pet of the Week, Kaiah!

This is Kaiah (in the background) at an adopt-a-thon ARF was just at! She's been pet of the week before and you can read her previous entry here. She's made a lot of improvements and is still looking for her forever home. She's not a very big dog and would fit into just about any kind of home!

Kaiah is a very happy dog who loves unconditionally. She is always smiling and happy and loves to greet her people when they get home from work! She is a huge cuddle-bug and loves to jump up on the bed looking for belly rubs during her morning stretches.

At night, after her walks, Kaiah, loves to curl up on the couch while everyone is winding down. She loves going for walks and is great on the leash now; she even gets excited when the leash comes out now! When she goes to the off-leash parks, she must go meet all the dogs and is very polite. She also loves to chase other dogs who are playing games. She's not huge into fetch yet, but loves to play tug, so she probably could learn fetch too and I'm sure she will, in time. Before, she was leary of new dogs, but this seems to have disappeared after a lot of good experiences, and she is also starting to be more comfortable around strangers too!

Sometimes though, Kaiah needs her own space and she can be a little bit sensitive about her feet being touched, so she probably shouldn't go to a home with small children, but older children who will treat her respectfully and understand that sometimes dogs need their own space too, would be just fine.

Kaiah's foster home says she's got a ton of personality and overall one of the happiest dogs she's ever met, so if you're looking for a happy, loving pooch, Kaiah's waiting for you! Just fill out an application!

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