Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pet of the Week, Roxy!

This is Roxy. She has been with ARF since she was a wee pup and is the last of her litter to get adopted. Again, not really sure why. She is about 7 months old and all legs!

Roxy is a really sweet pup and pretty laid back. She does like to take a little time to check out a situation with other dogs around, but usually gets right into things a loves to run and play.

She is crate trained, house trained, knows how to sit, lay down and is working on high five, her recall is also very good for a young pup. She is very well behaved in the house and doesn't get into any trouble. She is occupied with a bison bone, very easily.

Roxy is very affectionate and loves to snuggle and give kisses. Sometimes when she meets new people, she gets a little bit excited and will try to jump. Since she is such a tall girl, this can be frightening for some. However, her foster home is working on this with her and is really normal 7-month-old puppy behaviour. Some basic obedience classes at dogma or Sit Happens! once she's adopted would likely do wonders for this!

Roxy is currently spending some time in a home with an 11 year old girl and she follows her around and loves spending time with her. Roxy would likely do well in a home of any sort, though she is used to always having other dogs in the home, she might prefer that her forever home has another dog, but that isn't a deal breaker if she finds the perfect home who will continue to let her socialize with other dogs and people. She even gets on well with small dogs!

If you think you have the perfect home for this long legged beauty, fill out an application for her today! She's pretty awesome! The application can be found here.


  1. We have adopted Roxy's sister Luna. Luna is a wonderful puppy and a very good listener and great with our two little girls. I would encourage anyone who is looking to adopt a puppy to consider Roxy. If she is anything like Luna, and she certainly looks just like her, she will be a wonderful addition to the family.

  2. Thanks for those kind words Sheri! Hopefully Roxy finds her forever home soon!

  3. We have a phone interview tonight for the adoption of Roxy! our fingers are crossed that she is a good fit with our 2 year old yellow lab. :) wish us luck. we are very excited.