Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pet of the Week, Zoey!

Please meet Miss Zoey! She has been with ARF since November, we first got her puppies and then we were able to bring her in as well. This one was a long time coming! We've rescued several of her litters actually, but were never able to get her.

Now that she's been brought into ARF's fold, she's had some pretty serious adjusting to do. She's three years old (approximately) and had never lived indoors, though had been around humans. Because she has had exposure to people, she's not really scared. She is a little bit quiet around strangers, but she's never shown any fear. She had never been in a car or in an urban area, never slept in a crate, played with toys or been on a leash. I can only imagine how hard it is to transition from being a stray, to living in a home in a busy city! She's handled this all like a champ, too!

The first thing Zoey realized that she liked was human attention. She also bonded really fast with her foster home. At first, she didn't like sharing human attention with her foster brothers, probably because she had never experienced something so great. After a couple of months in foster care, Zoey has no more issues sharing attention. She's also learned to love going for car rides. Car rides mean that she gets to spend time with her humans!

I guess it's pretty evident that Zoey loves attention, she's also very gentle with children. Zoey loves going for walks – it's her favourite time of day –  and she is also very well behaved at the off leash park. She's not into fetch, but will chase dogs (without harassing them) who are playing fetch. She also really enjoys spending time outside and playing with other dogs.

Zoey doesn't have any problems being on her own, she is comfortable sleeping in her crate all night and is no problem when her foster parents are at work all day. She will also quietly play with her toys when they are busy.

Because of all the new things Zoey has had to learn, she's a little behind on her obedience, but that's ok. She's done wonderfully with all the new things we've asked her to try. She will sit before she gets her dinner and is learning lay down and shake-a-paw right now.

Zoey is probably one of the most versatile dogs we've had in a while, there is a good chance she'd fit into just about any home. She's mellow and gentle, so would be OK in a home with kids, she likes being outside, so an active family would be OK too. She's experienced living with other dogs, but is also fine on her own. She's would be classified as a medium sized dog, so quite possibly, the perfect size! Zoey would make an excellent companion for just about anyone!

If you think you're the perfect home for this wonderful dog, please fill out an adoption application for her! Or come visit her at PetSmart by Chinook Mall. She's there all the time!

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