Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pet of the Week, Oliver!

Photo courtesy of Theresa Swain.
This is Oliver and he's just lookin' for somebody to love! So, I figured he'd be a perfect post for the international day of love!

He's an adorable, intelligent regular ol' black dog, but don't let that fool you – he's the coolest!

Oliver loves people to death! He also LOVES toys, any kind of toy! He loves to play! Through guidance and supervision he is also learning very quickly what is an appropriate chew toy and what is not. He is also learning some tricks and has recently mastered sit and shake-a-paw. He is crate trained and will sleep in his crate all night long and he is also house trained! He is still working on his leash walking, but that's OK, he's just a little guy.

Oliver also loves to eat! Eat his dinner, work for treats – it doesn't matter, food is awesome in his book! Which is awesome for whoever adopts him because we all know a food motivated dog is a wonder to train!

Oliver is a very high-energy, fun-loving pup who loves to play with dogs and humans a like. Seriously, he gets along with everyone! He enjoys going for multiple walks per day and playtime with his people. He is great with all kinds of other dogs, but should likely go to a home with older children as he can be rambunctious and we'd worry he could knock over small children. He would likely be an ideal match for a very active home or someone who would like to try out some dog sports.

You really need to see this little guy in person because he really is absolutely ADORABLE! And so sweet, just like Valentine's Day candy. :)

Check our website on Friday afternoons to see when his next appearance at PetSmart will be or, if you just can't wait to be his forever home, fill out an application today!

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