Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pet of the Week, Molly!

HI! I'm Molly. I was brought to ARF in November, I am somewhere between 1 and 2 years old and a dainty little thing. I have red and blonde hair and I am pretty shy. All this new attention and love is very different for me but my foster home says I am coming along very nicely.
There are 2 other dogs in my foster home, a big puppy and a small 3 year old dog and I play with both of them whenever I get bored. If they do not want to play then I will quietly amuse myself with the nearest. Sometimes I mistake a shoe for a toy but thats just because I never lived in a house before, it hasn't happened in a while though, so don't worry!
During the day I used to hang out in a crate while my foster parents were at work but it really stressed me out. My foster parents just started trusting me out of my kennel during the day and so far so good. They did a good job "puppy proofing" the house and I've been a good girl. I might bark during the day but that is because I miss my people so much. Other than that I never bark, and am generally calm and quiet. I say generally because sometimes my foster brother and I play and wrestle. We love playing tug o' war!
When my people come home I am the most excited out of all the dogs. I am so happy that I run around like I am on fire! When they get the chance to greet me I sit down and relax rather quickly and go back to my calm relaxed persona while soaking up all the love. I spend most of my days laying on a comfy dog bed and observing what is going on around me. I like to stay out of the way until I decide I am not getting enough love. That's when I will attempt to climb on the couch next to my people and gently hit them in the arm with my paw. When they leave the room I tend to follow them out of curiosity. 
When it comes to traveling I am wonderful on-leash. I am not however, wonderful in the car. I am just not used to them and I am not a bad girl at all; I just tremble and pace. With every car ride I get a little bit better and am just starting to realize that if I lay down everything is pretty nice.
I have not been around a whole lot of children other than the few at petsmart. I have been around plenty of dogs though, mainly ones quite a bit larger than myself. I do get scared when new dogs don't give me my space, and lift my lip to let them know. That is normally settled pretty quick though and I've always made friends with the dogs I meet. I am house-trained and learn a lot from the dogs I live with, like sit and shake a paw.  My foster parents are helping me build my confidence and trust in people. I never thought I would be the kind of dog who closes her eyes and has her belly rubbed by someone!
I feel I have tons of love to give, and I just need someone to be patient and caring. Come see me at PetSmart on Saturdays between 1 and 3, but remember this is a new environment for a girl like me and it can be stressful. 
Below is some additional information provided by Molly's foster home:
When Molly first came into foster care no one could pet her, she would just tremble and turn her head away and it took about two weeks of living in a home before her tail came out from between her legs.
Now, Molly wants to be with people. She will go outside to do her business and then she'll come right back in. She is not really dog focused, though she loves living with her foster brothers and has learned much from them, she mainly wants attention from her people. She is also one of the sweetest dogs and is very quiet and relaxed around the house. She also LOVES her bully sticks!
Molly will need a home that is willing to give her the time and patience she needs to become a wonderful companion. She is almost there, but still can by shy/stressed out in new situations.

If you think Molly is the pooch for you, fill out an application today!

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