Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pet of the Week, Koda!

Photo courtesy of Theresa Swain.
This is Koda. A six-year-old gentle giant. He was returned to ARF through no fault of his own and is looking for the perfect retirement home!

Koda has spent a little bit of time in his foster home prior to being available for adoption and this is what we can tell you about him.

Koda loves to be outdoors! He enjoys swimming, going for walks and playing fetch with a ball or rope toy. He also loves to travel! He loves being in the truck and is incredibly well behaved. He also loves attention in the way of head pats and belly rubs, but is not super keen on hugs and kisses.

Koda is also a very smart fellow. He knows sit, lay down, his name, he is house trained and walks well on leash. He could use a little work on the leash manners, but overall, he's pretty good. He'd also be an ideal candidate for additional training classes, like a tricks class or something. He is very attentive to his handler and always wants to please.

Koda is very well behaved in the house and sleeps on his doggy bed, he does not jump up on furniture. He is game for just about anything, going for walks, playing a game and knows how to settle and be calm in the house.

Some of Koda's favourite things include, canned food, rawhides, dog cookies, duck and chicken strips. His not-so-favourite things include dry kibble, picture taking, and having his dew claws touched. However, he's been pretty well socialized. He can bark at strange dogs that he does not know, but once introduced to them, he is fine. He does not seem to have any issues with strangers and he loves men. He also lives with an 11-year-old girl and loves her to death. Koda has also had exposure to rabbits, birds and cats and has not shown anything other than mild curiosity, but obviously, due to his size, any interactions with small animals should always be seriously monitored.

Koda's ideal home would likely be someone (or a couple) who is active and likes the outdoors. He would be suitable for older children, but not young kids as he's pretty big and he does tend to move quickly. He could potentially knock them over without meaning it. Even though he is an active dog, he'd still be a good candidate for a retired couple who like to travel as he does love those truck rides, he could easily transfer that joy to an RV or motor home. His main goal in life seems to be making his people happy, so if you're looking for an older fellow with lots of spunk left in him, fill out an adoption application right away, or come meet him at the Chinook PetSmart some Saturday! We post which dogs will be there on our website on Friday afternoons. www.arf.ab.ca

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