Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pet of the Week, Hannah!

Meet Hannah! She is our gentle giant and is looking for her forever home.

She's been with us for a few months now, but is still a little nervous around people. She's more nervous around strange men, but she is getting better everyday. Typically, when new people come over to her foster home, she will leave the room and lay in her kennel. She knows her kennel as her safe spot and is comfortable there. After she's had a chance to assess the situation, she will come out to see what's going on. Usually, her curiosity gets the best of her and she will come out and lay down near everyone. 

Hannah has spent time in homes with other dogs, large and small and has gotten along well with all. At this time, she does not know how to play though. She will watch her foster brothers play and get excited about it, but has yet to join in. We have a feeling that it won't take long for her to let her hair down and play with the boys!

Hannah really enjoys being with her foster family. She will follow them around and wait patiently for head pats or belly rubs. She is a very affectionate lady, she just needs some time to adjust to strangers. Hannah is still learning how to walk on leash. She is getting really good at it, too. She seems to be a little bit nervous about side-walks and can get startled by vehicles, so her foster home tries to stick to pathways where it is quieter.

As of right now, Hannah has not met any cats and only a few children at PetSmart. She did not seem to mind the children, however she would likely be best suited to a home with older kids who understand that sometimes she is shy and nervous.

Hannah is a very calm lady and is looking for a home that can fill her with confidence and can understand that she likes to take things slowly.

If you haven't met Hannah yet, watch our website to see when she'll be at Chinook PetSmart for you to meet her. Or, if you think you might be her forever home, fill out an application today! She can't wait!

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