Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pet of the Week, Ryley!

Photo Courtesy of Theresa Swain.

Meet Ryley! He is such an easy-going, fun-loving, adorable little pup! Look at his ears; it looks like someone outlined them with a sharpie. So. Cute.

Anyway this little guy has been in our system for a while. His mom is Roxie and they came in when her pups were quite young. He's been well socialized and nothing much seems to really faze him.

He really enjoys being around the people in his foster home and has been exposed to lots of strangers and children – he loves to give kids kisses!

Ryley is currently living in a foster home with two adult dogs and gets along with them wonderfully. He loves to play and wrestle with them. He also loves going for walks and is doing really well with his leash manners, he also knows how to sit and is working on down. Because he's a puppy, he obviously still needs to be supervised and is still working on house and crate training and of course, puppies chew, but he LOVES Elk and Bison bones and playing with Kongs, so he is easy to redirect and keep occupied!

Ryley is also food motivated and smart, so training this little fella should be a dream!

When his foster mom is filling the dish washer or making tea, he likes to sit at her feet and watch. Such a curious little guy.

Ryley would likely do well in any sort of home, but if you're an active family with a couple of kids and maybe even another dog or two, let me tell you – he'd fit right in!

If you think this adorable little guy would be a match for your family, don't wait – fill out an application today! You can find the application on ARF's website here:

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