Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pet of the Week, Jesse

Jesse (formerly Jinx) has come a long way since she found a new foster home. At first she was quiet and nervous, being in a new home with young children, but she’s really come out of her shell and is really relaxed and comfortable around everyone! She no longer hides under the couch, or any closed space for that matter and Jesse has really started to enjoy the company of people, even strangers. The first time I met her she was in a strange place with a bunch of strangers. She was willing to approach me, take treats and let me pet her. Within a few minutes, she was purring and soliciting attention from me.

Jesse’s foster home has a revolving door of foster kittens and she seems to adjust really well to all of them. She has been found sleeping with them, grooming them and even playing with them.

Some of Jesse’s favourite pastimes include lazy days sitting in the window being entertained by all the goings-on outside, tummy rubs, she plays fetch and loves to hunt files and bugs.

When she’s not busy playing and getting attention, you can usually find her snuggled under the clothing in her foster mom’s closet taking a nap.

Jesse is a young, energetic cat and she is just a tiny little thing too. We think she’d make a great companion to just about anyone, provided her forever home understands that it might take her a little while to open up. But don’t you worry, once she does, you won’t be disappointed!!

For more information on Jesse or to adopt this wonderful little cat, visit our website at and view our available cat page!

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