Monday, November 19, 2012

Pet of the Week, Buddy!

Meet Buddy! He was rescued by ARF at the end of August and had to have his leg amputated. You can read that story on our website here.

So, Buddy is a tri-pod. That means he only has 3 legs, but I don't really think it either bothers him, or slows him down at all.

Buddy is actually the ideal canine companion. He is extremely well behaved and fun-loving! He truly wears his heart on his sleeve and if you haven't had the chance to receive a one-armed hug from him, you don't know what you're missing!

Buddy does not behave like a dog with a disability, at all! Only two months after his amputation, he is totally back to living a full and playful canine life. It's almost like he doesn't know he's missing a leg – nothing stops him!

Buddy truly is one of the sweetest, gentlest and must trusting soul that many of the ARF Volunteers have ever met. As soon as he arrived at his foster home – after a few days of trauma, including a limb amputation – he just melted into his foster mom's arms and he's been melting hearts ever since. Being the handsome and loveable guy that Buddy is, he captures the attention of people everywhere. On walks, at parks, on the ARF website and on Saturday's at our PetSmart viewings; he always steals the show!

Buddy is a healthy and active 2 year old dog who loves to play with other dogs and toys, but most of all... Buddy LOVES people! Buddy is always happy to get human attention and is super content hanging out wherever his people are. He is a great sleeper, is fully house-trained and can spend the day on his own without incident.

Most of all Buddy loves to play chase! He can run like the wind and loves the chance to do so. His daily walks and occasional off-leash runs are a must. Buddy's signature is his spotted tongue hanging out the side of his mouth! When you see this, you know Buddy is happy! Because he's such a happy boy, his forever home will be sure to see this goofy and charming smile everyday!

Buddy's ideal home would likely be any home. Although he is awfully interested in cats, we're not totally sure how he'd be with them, but otherwise, he'd fit right in anywhere. Especially if you have another like-minded canine companion for him to grow old with!

If you're interested in adding Buddy to your home, you won't be disappointed, so hurry and fill out that adoption application today! We're not sure why he hasn't been adopted yet!

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