Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pet of the Week, Rocco!

Rocco is a happy easy going puppy. He has a great personality and has been a joy to have in his foster home. They know he will make a wonderful addition to a very lucky home.

Rocco is crate trained and happily runs in when it is time for bed and he sleeps right through the night without needing to go out.  Rocco also loves to go in his crate for naps during the day – he knows that every so often there is a tasty treat to be found in there.

House training is coming along really well.  Most of the time Rocco will let his foster home know he needs to go out by sitting by the door or whining a little if he cannot get to the door. He still needs to go out frequently, especially when playing.  Sometimes when he is too busy playing he forgets he needs to ask and has an accident, but these are getting less frequent all the time. After all, he is still a puppy!

Rocco loves any toy with a squeaker and chewing on antlers (you can get them at pet stores – best dog chew ever). He is learning to play fetch and loves a good game of tug.  If he were allowed to he would collect all of the slippers and shoes in his foster home and bring them into his crate where he would lay on them like a little dragon watching over his hoard of gold.  

Rocco is very gentle when taking treats and he is learning not to jump on people. His foster home is working on his basic obedience commands and he can sit on cue and is working on down, come and stay.  

Rocco's foster home cannot get over how well Rocco does on a leash.  He is more than happy to trot along beside you taking in the world. He doesn't love it when buses or loud vehicles go by, but is getting used to them.  He loves to meet people and other dogs and his whole body wiggles with excitement as he approaches them.  

The funniest thing about Rocco is that he really loves to lay on soft things.  He would much prefer a soft bed or a blanket to the hard ground.  He is always looking for ways to get into our older dog's bed and in the kitchen he will snag a dish towel to lie on if he can. 

So, if you loves walks, have a soft place to lay, and a few squeaky toys, Rocco just might be the dog for you.

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