Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pet of the Week, Chanel!

Hi! My name is Chanel... or Coco for short! I'm a cool little pup and I would like to tell you all about the new things I'm learning in my foster home!

My biggest accomplishment is figuring out the house-training rules. I am so reliable and I wait at the door to go outside. Even though I sleep through the night without potty breaks, I like to go outside every 2-3 hours until I’m a little older and can "hold it" for longer.

You wouldn’t believe that I will sit so calmly before meals and wait for the cat to finish her food so I can lick the bowl clean. Actually, my three foster siblings and I eat together and in close proximity, but we never try to take each others’ food or anything!

There are a few other dogs in the house, so there are lots of other toys to play with and we never fight over our favorites. The Frisbee is a very cool thing and I think it will be the best toy to chase when I am bigger and faster.

I also like playing tag with my foster sister, but she’s still too quick for me. We sleep together and explore the yard together, yet I do like getting individual cuddles from my foster parents. I like it when they pick me up and give me special attention. It's so wonderful!

Last week, I got my nails trimmed and that wasn’t a big deal at all! And, when the weather is warmer, my foster Mom wants to give me a bath. So, I’ll let you know how that turns out!

If you think I would be a great addition to your family (I really would, you know!), fill out one of ARF's adoption applications for me! I love my foster home, but I can't wait until I have my very own forever home to call my own! You can find the application here:

OH! I almost forgot! There is a really cute video of me playing with pine cones on ARF's Facebook Page... you should go check it out!

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