Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pet of the Week, Thelma!

Meet Thelma. When Thelma was rescued, she had a condition called Cherry Eye. She's had surgery and since recovered quite nicely. Now, she is looking for her forever home!

Thelma is a very energetic and loving girl who is always open to wrestling, running, walks or a nice cuddle while her people watch a movie. She gets along great with every dogs she meets and has been fine with the children she's met at PetSmart.

It was initially thought that Thelma shouldn't go to a home with small children, but her foster home has seen so much growth in her that they see the potential in her being alright in a home with small kids. She plays well with other dogs in the house, but when she gets over excited she can be a little bit mouthy which may not be great with small kids running around, too. She never hurts anyone, it's just a pinch and her foster home is working with her on this and seeing improvement.

Thelma is a very sweet and curious dogs who wants to follow you around all the time. She likes to see everything that is going on around the house. She also enjoys watching birds from the window.

Both of Thelma's foster parents work full-time, so she spends the day in her kennel, with no issue. She tends to whine a little in the beginning, but they know the kennel is growing on her because she will take her naps in there all by herself. Slowly but surely, it will become her safe haven.

Thelma loves to run in the backyard with her foster brother and chase the birds that fly from tree to tree. She loves being outside so much, the her leash walking skills are a work-in-progress. She is getting better, but she's so excited to be outside that she still pulls a little bit.

Thelma listens very well, especially when she is calm or food is involved. So, those obedience classes ARF offers with an adoption would be right up her alley!

Thelma's ideal home is a home that has patience for her to continue to become a wonderful dog. She has an amazing, calm personality while still being fun and energetic. She also has immense amounts of love to give.

If you are interested in adopting this perfect catch, fill out an adoption application here. She won't last much longer!

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