Thursday, July 11, 2013

Medical Intervention: Hope and Valor

Meet Hope and Valor. They were found orphaned on June 18th at approximately 2.5 weeks old. Shortly after bringing them into ARF’s care it became clear that they quickly needed medical attention. They were rushed to CARE Centre where Hope received immediate attention for a rectal prolapse that she likely suffered due to days of poor nutrition and diarrhea. Over the next several days she was monitored very closely in order to ensure that her condition improved, as well as to make sure that the purse string suture repair for her prolapse was working correctly.
Valor on July 5, 2013
During this time Valor was also given critical care for hypoglycemia and a low core body temperature. Over the course of a week his body temperature and blood glucose was monitored around the clock while he was given fluids and a dextrose drip to try and keep his blood sugar levels within a healthy range. His condition was also likely caused due to poor nutrition over several days. Unfortunately, being on IV fluids and a dextrose drip is a lot for one little kitten and Valor also developed an abscess where his dextrose drip was located, which also needed to be treated.
After several days of critical care, thorough monitoring, medications and suture repairs at the CARE Centre both Hope and Valor are now in an amazing foster home where they are receiving around-the-clock care, several medications and, of course, lots of love. Over the coming weeks they are expected to make a full recovery and will be available for adoption once they are old enough and well enough to be spayed and neutered. 

Hope on July 5, 2013
You can help. To date, their medical costs have exceeded $5,000 and ARF does everything it can to help a dog or cat once rescued. This cost will not be picked up by any adoptive family, but will be paid for by ARF. ARF is a registered charity, staffed almost entirely by volunteers, and reliant on donations. Please consider donating here so we can continue to give animals like Hope and Valor a second chance.

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