Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pet of the Week, Peeka!

Meet Peeka, a young, lovable, quiet gal who loves to play…can you guess? Of course, Peeka-Boo! When she’s not hiding in her favourite spots, Peeka loves to just be near her human family watching the daily activities of everyone around her. Peeka is comfortable around children and is very gentle with them because she’s a calm, cool and collect canine!

Peeka will always take the opportunity play and explore outside. She loves other dogs and has a foster sister right now that she loves to hang out with. Going for walks on a leash are one of Peeka’s most favourite things to do. Of course, she is comfortable just snoozing on the couch and getting a belly rub too!

Peeka is looking for a family to give her the love and security that she needs and deserves in her life. If you are interested in becoming Peeka’s furever family, fill out our adoptionapplication today!

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