Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pets of the Week, Boots & Kiwi!

Boots and Kiwi are two cats that will charm the daylights out of you! 

Boots is a vibrant kitten who loves his human foster family and also loves attention. Boots will play with almost anything but chasing string seems to be a favourite activity for him. Boots is a real cuddler too. He has been known to find a comfortable spot snuggled around his human friend’s neck or shoulder, purring himself to sleep. 

Boots never met a food dish he didn’t like! He’s still learning his manners and is diligently studying how to sit, wait for his food and not eat his sister Kiwi’s food before she gets to it. Boots is endearingly playful and would do well in a home with children and other pets.

Kiwi is a true black beauty. This independent lady is content doing her own thing. She doesn’t like to make a big scene and will just go with the flow. When she’s not relaxing on the cushy living room chair she can be found playing with her feather toys or chasing after treats that her foster mom slides across the floor for her.

Kiwi has totally warmed up to her young brother Boots and has even been caught cleaning him and playing with him when no one is looking of course. Kiwi isn’t a fan of being picked up and will attempt to squirm out of your hold – so she is best suited to families with older children that understand that she doesn’t like to be picked up.

These cats will bring endless joy to anyone lucky enough to adopt them. Inquire about Boots or Kiwi today or fill out our adoption application today.

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