Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What’s black, white and cute all over?

That’s right – a litter of playful tuxedo kittens! These sweethearts with their white bibs against their black coats and tails are without a doubt the cutest kittens we’ve seen in a while.

Five boys and two girls are looking for their forever homes. These nearly 2 month-old kittens enjoy spending time with people and especially love to be cuddled, held and carried around. These siblings play together well so being adopted in a home with another cat should be a smooth transition.  

With their pink noses and charming characteristics – it's hard to believe that black and white kittens are often overlooked because each kitten in this litter is so precious. They have so much love and personality to bring to any family that adopts them.

These outgoing, friendly kittens will be available very soon. If you’re interested in adopting one or two or more of these munchkins keep an eye on our website (, they'll be available soon!

And here is a video to cheer up your winter-y day!

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