Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pet of the Week, Sara!

Meet Sara! Sara is a great girl that will love you with everything she has. This 1 year old is a bundle of energy and excitement. There isn’t a lot of downtime in her schedule, in fact her daily activities include play – walk – run – rest and repeat!

In addition to being sweet and friendly – Sara does find time to learn new things and has mastered the command ‘sit’ and is on her way to getting ‘stay, come and leave it’ under her belt. Sara is more motivated to learn by receiving praise and positive feedback over treats. With that said, she recognizes the sound of the treat bag opening and will come immediately to check it out.

This happy and affectionate dog would love to find her forever home with an active guardian that will take her for walks, play fetch and spend time teaching her new tricks and commands.

Sara has met other dogs at the off leash park and quite likes them – especially those that can keep up with her! Cats are pretty interesting too but not as fun as her dog friends. Once Sara realized they weren’t that interested in playing with her – she respected their space and moved on.

This sweetheart deserves a loving home that she can call her own. If you’re interested in adopting this lovely gal – fill out an adoption application form today.

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