Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pet of the Week, Micah

Micah is a very handsome, loveable dog that is searching for a new home. Micah loves people and loves to be wherever his people friends are. He has had minimal interaction with children so his current foster parents aren’t sure how he is around them. With that said, he has been nothing but calm and friendly with his current family.

A typical day for Micah includes lounging on the carpet watching the daily family routines pass him by. He loves to play outside and since his surgeries – he has become more and more active. This playful boy doesn’t bark or whine except for when he needs to go outside to the bathroom. At night Micah sleeps in his crate and is quite content with that never making a sound. He has even adapted to sleeping in on the weekends to let his foster parents catch up on their rest.

Micah had an unfortunate encounter with another dog so he is very cautious around other dogs of all sizes but seems to be improving everyday with how he reacts when he meets up with one. His foster mom believes that with more socialization, patience and encouragement – he will slowly let his guard down and be open to meeting and making new canine friends. It’s not known at this time how Micah is around cats, as he doesn’t live with any at the moment. 

Micah is looking for a family to give him the love and security that he needs and deserves in his life. If you are interested in becoming Micah’s furever family, fill out our adoptionapplication today!

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