Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Special needs Sim-Sim is looking for help!

Sim-Sim is an ARF success story in the making. This little orange tabby has faced amazing challenges in his short life, but through it all, he's maintained a sweet disposition and faith in humanity. With your help, we can bring Sim-Sim the rest of the way to a happy, healthy life in a forever home.

Sim-Sim thought he'd found his forever family when he was adopted, but things changed when his family moved and Sim-Sim was returned to ARF. When he first arrived in his new foster home, he was underweight and timid; terrified of a world that had treated him so harshly. He only crept out of his kitty condo under the cover of darkness to eat, drink and use the litterbox. Under the loving, patient care of his foster family, Sim-Sim began to come out of the shell he'd built up to protect himself. Slowly, he began to rebuild his trust in humans and other cats; learning to play with his fellow foster cats and even seeking out a cozy spot in bed with his foster mom and dad at night. Today, Sim-Sim is gaining weight and he's even learned to play like a kitten; something he missed out on in his first two years of life. He's a wonderful example of the difference a loving family can make in the life of an animal.

However, Sim-Sim is not out of the woods yet. His medical needs, which seem to indicate Irritable Bowel Syndrome, are currently being monitored under the watchful eye of a veterinarian. He is being treated with steroids to increase his strength and reduce inflammation. He will need a carefully-monitored diet to ensure he stays healthy and may need medication in the future. Sim-Sim has also developed a habit of urinating outside his litterbox, probably the result of not having a clean place to eliminate. This can be frustrating, but with patience and persistence, Sim-Sim can be trained to use a litterbox just like any other cat. ARF can provide all the support and information needed to help Sim-Sim achieve this – we just need one special person to reach out a helping hand.

Don't let this be the end of Sim-Sim's story. If you can provide the extra-special place that Sim-Sim needs, whether as an adoptive home or a foster family, please apply today. Help Sim-Sim finally find the loving home he's been waiting for – it only takes one person to make a difference.

For more information on fostering through our Cat Program please email us at or, if you think you can provide Sim-Sim with the forever home he needs, please fill out an application!

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